Press November 2018

Scholas and Fundación por México will work for the integration and labor insertion of young people

Scholas Occurrentes and Fundación por México signed a collaboration agreement last October 31, in order to join efforts to boost education, culture, employment with gender equity and the employment of young Mexicans, for this they agreed to carry out activities joint and launch actions to comply with it.

The world directors of Scholas Occurrentes together with Karla Mawcinitt, president of the Foundation for Mexico

José María del Corral and Enrique Palmeyro, world directors of Scholas Occurrentes and Karla Mawcinitt Bueno, president of Fundación Por México, reported that they will seek, as a priority objective within the dual model, the development of social skills and competences that allow young people to work with national and global companies under the classroom model for Mexico.

The objective, said José María del Corral, is to generate educational networks through education, art, sports, technology and the commitment of all social actors.

"We will develop a model of joint intervention integrating the proposal of Classroom For Mexico, with the methodology of Scholas, both in Mexico and in other countries of the region or the world." He emphasized that it is a comprehensive effort of high quality in its methodology and scope.

Karla Mawcinitt pointed out “We celebrate with joy the signing of this important agreement for Mexicans because we will share experiences in terms of dual training and certification of skills to improve the education of communities living in vulnerable contexts and thus achieve the integration and labor integration of young people nationally and internationally ”.

Fundación Scholas and Fundación por México, also announced that they will hold events, fostering spaces for dialogue to generate alliances that allow raising awareness and mobilizing strategic partners.